What is backstory?

And why it matters

Backstory is everything that happens before your book. You may not need to include any of it, but knowing it can have a direct impact on your characters, how you write them, and what your readers think of them.

This class is perfect for you, if...

  • You know your character is missing something, but you can’t work out what
  • You want to flesh out your characters for a series
  • You want to learn more about psychology and how it impacts us and our characters
  • Your stories are character-focused, or…
  • You want to write more character-focused stories

What this class will teach you

  • Why backstory matters
  • When to use backstory
  • Why info dumps are a bad idea—and how to avoid them
  • Things that can inform your backstory like your character’s childhood, their working environment, or their culture