What you'll learn

  • Characterisation

    Create characters so real, when you talk about them to a stranger, they'll think you're talking about your best friend, not a fictional character.

  • Plotting

    Discover how to increase the stakes in your story so that your readers are begging you for more – and to be kinder to your characters. (But where's the fun in that?)

  • Balance

    You don't need to sacrifice characters for a great plot, or have a crappy plot if your characters are epic. We'll show you how to combine the two, whatever you write.

What’s included

In this bundle, you’ll get access to three workshops:
  • How to write realistic characters
  • How to write character arcs - whatever your genre
  • Consequences and limitations in fiction writing

Each workshop is 90 minutes to two hours long, with activities, prompts, and analyses to teach you techniques to develop your characters and plot.

How to write realistic characters

Are you struggling to write realistic characters? Do you want to know your characters better than you know your best friend?

Would you like to craft characters so realistic, your readers remember them – long after they’ve turned the final page?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this workshop is exactly what you need.

How to write character arcs

Whatever your genre

How do you get your character arc to tie in with your plot?

Are character arcs and plots two completely different things, or are they more related than we’ve been told?

How do you create character arcs that build deeper relationships with readers – and keep them coming back?

How can make sure your character arc works when you edit?

We’ll answer all these questions and more.

Consequences and limitations

If we have to suffer, why shouldn't our characters?

More than 95% of the global population has at least one health condition. And when we do stupid or dangerous things in real life, there are consequences. Why should our characters’ lives be any different just because they don’t exist?

Grounding characters’ actions with real-life consequences can make your characters more realistic and your stories more page-turning, whatever genre you’re in. On the other hand, when your characters don’t suffer the consequences of their actions…readers can put your book down faster than you can say ‘bad marketing’.


It revealed my characters' true feelings

Di Scotte

It revealed my characters' true feelings without being direct. Great exercise. It helped me see my other main character is actually jealous of the protagonist. I found the dialogue between the two characters changes over the course of the story, as their level of self-confidence changes.

Immediately applicable to my work in progress

Geoff White

A really helpful breakdown of character arcs in their different types, with examples and formulas which not only made things very clear, but made the lessons learned immediately applicable to my work in progress. I'd recommend this to anyone looking to add depth to their characters and weave their different arcs into a cohesive and coherent plot. People always say that genre novels are heavy on plot, whereas literary novels are heavy on character. You know what? Get them right and you can have both a riveting plot and wonderfully realised characters. This course will help you achieve that.

Easy to understand

Ellie Betts

Kristina has a way of teaching that makes things easy to understand and reassures you that you’ve totally got this whether you’ve been writing for years or you’re just starting out.

Torture your characters so much you (almost) feel guilty

Are you ready to create plots that make your characters feel so realistic your readers will think they know them in real life?

Get lifetime access to all 3 courses for just $57.

About your guide

Bestselling author, marketer, and writing guide

Kristina Adams is the author of 11 novels and 3 nonfiction books for writers. She's been teaching writing, marketing, and mindset for 3 years. In that time she's helped hundreds of writers to defeat their own demons and take them out on their characters instead.

Her books have been bestsellers all over the world, with legions of fans begging her to be nicer to her fictional creations (even though they secretly love how mean she is. Probably).