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Hook your reader

Do you want to:

  • Create characters that jump off the page and hook your reader?
  • Turn two-dimensional characters into multi-dimensional human beings?
  • Tell stories your perfect reader can relate to?
  • Dig deeper into your characters' backstories, motivations, and beliefs?
  • Introduce your characters in an unforgettable way

In this course, we'll explore how you can do all of this and more. We'll delve deep into psychology and what makes us human – so that we can create characters who feel human, too.

Whatever type of stories you tell, this course is jam-packed with ideas, techniques, and activities to help you flesh out your existing characters – or even create new ones!

Who's the Character Creation Crash Course for?

Anyone who wants to write three-dimensional, interesting, believable characters. We'll use psychological techniques that explain what makes us human to do the very same with our characters.

It includes a combination of pre-recorded sessions and live workshops. If you can't attend the live recordings, don't worry! You'll get access to the replays.

If you join us live, you'll get the chance to ask questions about your work-in-progress to solve your character problems.

What you'll learn

This is going to be a jam-packed course that will cover everything from idea generation to refining who your character is. Some of your takeaways will include:
  • Writing about different experiences to yours
  • Naming your characters
  • Fleshing out secondary and tertiary characters
  • Creating chemistry between characters
  • Creating positive and negative character arcs that WORK
  • What your characters' relationships mean for them – past, present, and future
  • How the right language can bring your characters – and world – to life
  • Sources of conflict
  • How to decide on the consequences and limitations of your character's skills, abilities, and lifestyle

Praise for bundle contents

Clear and engaging

Cassie Kelly

The workshop is great for those who want to have strong characters but don’t really know how to do that. As a person who loves characterisation and considers it very important, I found Kristina’s advice to be wonderfully encompassing of the main points of what a character arc is, why it’s important, and how to make improvements. Her way of explaining things is very clear and engaging. If you have trouble with characters and don’t understand how to help a character grow across the arc of your story, this course is a perfect fit for you.

Immediately applicable to my work in progress

Geoff White

A really helpful breakdown of character arcs in their different types, with examples and formulas which not only made things very clear, but made the lessons learned immediately applicable to my work in progress. I'd recommend this to anyone looking to add depth to their characters and weave their different arcs into a cohesive and coherent plot. People always say that genre novels are heavy on plot, whereas literary novels are heavy on character. You know what? Get them right and you can have both a riveting plot and wonderfully realised characters. This course will help you achieve that.

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Meet your guide

About Kristina Adams

Kristina Adams is the bestselling author of seven novels, two novellas, and three nonfiction books for writers.

Her blog, The Writer's Cookbook, has helped over 100,000 writers to develop their writing craft and mindset. She's taught in-person and online courses for writers on topics including mindset, blogging, and characterisation.

Her bestselling What Happens in... series is loved by readers all over the world. And what keeps readers coming back? You guessed it – the characters.

When she isn't writing, she's baking or taking naps with her dog Millie.

Praise for Kristina Adams' Courses

So much information

Michelle Nieves

I am just at the beginning of my writing journey, and this course has given me so much information to help writing realistic well-rounded characters in my stories.

It revealed my characters' true feelings

Di Scotte

It revealed my characters' true feelings without being direct. Great exercise. It helped me see my other main character is actually jealous of the protagonist. I found the dialogue between the two characters changes over the course of the story, as their level of self-confidence changes.

About Kristina's How to Write Realistic Characters workshop

Great course

Gemma Patricio

Detailed and engaging thus far. Thank you.

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Praise for Kristina Adams

Books and coaching

I felt immediately enthused, confident and empowered


After my session with Kristina, I felt immediately enthused, confident and empowered. A great listener, she is immense at giving highly tailored guidance based on wherever you are in your publishing journey. No two aspiring authors are in the same place, either creatively or from a distribution and marketing perspective, but Kristina strengthens your abilities wherever they are. Thanks to her impressive publishing history, she’ll instill confidence in you without ever being aloof or condescending, in fact, her warmth and reassuring approach is what I most remember and appreciated. I wholeheartedly recommend Kristina.

About Kristina's author coaching

Comprehensive and informative


Whether you’re a new writer or an experienced one, there’s something in here for you. Creating believable characters can sometimes be a hard thing, especially under pressure to write more and more, and in an internet world where every type of character has already been written before. This book gives you new angles to consider with helpful 'how to' bits that will bring your writing to the next level!

About Kristina's book, How to Write Believable Characters: Character Development Tips for Novelists Poets, and Scriptwriters

Kristina has helped me write a coherent and compelling plot as well create realistic characters


Kristina has a caring a passionate approach to what she does. She has helped me to control my need to add every possible idea into my story and to write a coherent and compelling plot as well create realistic characters. She instils confidence into you and helps you wade through the all the negativity that writers put themselves through, helping you find the positives. I highly recommend Kristina as she has a vast publishing history to back up her credentials.

About Kristina's author coaching